Corporate scholarships

The purpose of the corporate scholarships is to link employers and students; long term human resources planning enables businesses to become actively involved with education and development of future employees thus contributing to the long term development of the company. Corporate scholarships are in average the highest of all scholarships available in Slovenia, but still many remain every year.


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To recipients these scholarships represent a possibility of early career building, opportunity for practical training as well as a guarantee of the first employment after graduation. High school and tertiary students can obtain information about available scholarships in various ways:

  • through “Exchange room” at our web page (, where the businesses publish their offers for a specific academic year;
  • by checking the web pages of the regional development agencies, that collect and publish the needs of the employers in their specific region;
  • directly from the employers, as they also advertise the scholarships on their web pages, internal magazines, newspapers, etc.

The scholarship recipient is usually required to continue and complete education and to commence employment with this employer after graduation for a certain time – usually for the same number of years as was the duration of scholarship. Other obligations can also be agreed upon such as summer internship, final paper on a specific topic of the employer, etc.


Obligations are usually stated already when advertising the scholarship, and are later also included into the scholarship agreement between the employer and student. 


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