Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies of Foreign Nationals in Slovenia on the Basis of Development Agreements

Scholarship for study in Slovenia is granted to nationals of countries that are beneficiaries or recipients of development assistance. The programme is carried out in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Scholarship is usually granted for living costs, tuition fees and other study costs. 

The country of origin, amount of scholarship, conditions and criteria are defined in the call for applications. The call for applications also includes the application deadline as well as the application documentation.

The procedure of admission for study at any educational institution in Slovenia and the procedure of granting scholarship by the Fund are separate:

  • For admission to study in Slovenia, candidates should apply by the deadline as determined by the educational institution where they want to study. More information about educational institutions in Slovenia is available here.

More information on the admission procedure is available here.

  • For scholarship for study, candidates should apply by the deadline as set in the call for applications.

If the call for applications requires the applicant to be nominated by the home country, the contact information of the institution responsible for nomination of the candidates will be published on the Fund´s website. 


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